Anton Paar – Density Meter DMA 500

Anton Paar Density Meter DMA 500Anton Paar Density Meter DMA 500 – DMA 500 is a compact digital density meter providing unrivaled ease of use. The self-explanatory user interface allows you to single-handedly operate the instrument within a few moments. The instrument comes with features that support the correct filling of your sample and ensure fully traceable measurement results that are ready in next to no time. Building on its integrated rechargeable battery, you can easily take the instrument off the line for operation outside the traditional lab space. Furthermore, voltage fluctuations or power outages are no threat for DMA 500: You can continue your measurements as planned without losing any data and time
Advanced technology in a compact format

  • Compact and light design, applicable outside the traditional lab space
  • Ready to go once out of the box
  • Only 1 mL of sample required
  • Clear sample identification for full traceability of results
  • Freely programmable methods containing measuring units and temperatures to be used for the measurement
  • Simple concentration measurement by using predefined conversion tables or entering customized measuring units

Built-in support for perfect results

  • Optionally integrated peristaltic pump for convenient and correct filling
  • FillingCheck™: automatically detects and records filling errors or gas bubbles in the filled sample and generates a warning message
  • U-View™: enables visual inspection of the measuring cell by means of a real-time camera
  • Automatic viscosity correction of measured density results

Off-the-line operation

  • Integrated rechargeable battery for optional off-the-line operation or compensation of power outages

Open to communication

  • Bluetooth interface for wireless printing and data exchange with a PC
  • Two USB interfaces for data transfer from and to a USB flash drive or PC
  • Ethernet interface for data transfer to a PC


Measuring range
Density 0 g/cm³ to 3 g/cm³
Temperature 15 °C to 40 °C (59 °F to 104 °F)
Pressure 0 bar to 3 bar (0 psi to 43.5 psi)
Density 0.001 g/cm³
Temperature 0.3 °C
Repeatability s.d.
Density 0.0002 g/cm³
Temperature 0.1 °C
Additional information
Minimum sample volume approx. 1 mL
Predefined tables and functions
  • Alcohol tables
  • Sugar/extract tables
  • Acid/base tables
  • API functions
  • Ten programmable custom functions
Controls Softkeys, optional keyboard or bar code reader
  • 1 x Bluetooth
  • 2 x USB
  • 1 x Ethernet
Internal storage 1000 measured results
Weight 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs)
(L x W x H)
210 mm x 200 mm x 135 mm (8.3 in x 7.9 in x 5.3 in)
Wetted parts PTFE, borosilicate glass
Power supply AC 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.4 A
DC 12 V, 5 A
Rechargeable battery type Li-Ion 7.4 V, 2.25 Ah (optional: Li-Ion 7.5 V, 4.8 Ah)
Maximum off-the-line operation 2 hours (6 hours with optional high-performance battery)
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