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Crystal 7 Pure (P/N C7-1001) is an entry level water purification system. It is wall-mounted and does not require any space in the laboratory. Crystal 7 Pure produces purified water for general laboratory applications and analytical methods. Crystal 7 water is used for many applications, including, but not limited to various methods of inorganic analysis (e. g. flame spectrometry), wet chemistry methods, electrochemistry, labware washing, etc. Crystal 7 Pure is a reliable source of purified lab water with conductivity of less than 0.1 µS/cm (resistivity > 10 MOhm*cm) thus exceeding requirements for Grade 2 water of ISO 3696. Running costs of Crystal 7 Pure are extremely low.

Crystal 7 RO (P/N C7-1241) produces water that complies with ISO 3696 Grade 3 pecifications. Crystal 7 Pure and RO systems are equipped with a graphic LCD display for system status and water quality monitoring. Remaining pre-filter life and deionization (DI) module performance is also shown on the display. Smart DI module monitoring allows reducing running costs as a user is asked to replace DI module only when it is near the end of its service life. Storage tank for purified water is available as option. We offer storage tanks with the capacity of 10L – 60L. Tanks of 25L or more have integrated pumps for faster and more convenient dispensing.

Crystal E Pure, RO series- AplicationDispense flow rate is 4 L/min. Integrated pump allows to place the storage tank under the bench in order to save some space. Crystal 7 has all necessary safety functions including tank filling control, tap water pressure control, protection from tank sensor failure. All cartridges and filters are easy to access and replace. All Crystal 7 systems include boost pump, pre-filter set, reverse osmosis module. These systems are equipped with deionization module, but UV sterilization module is available as an option (P/N 10102).

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