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For quality control in food andpharmaceutical industry
For quantification
For documentation of colourimetrically stained gels, blots, TLC samples
For colour and greyscale acquisitions in reflectanc and transmittance mode

GxP-compliant densitometers for the acquisition of visibly stained samples

Advantages of the biostep scanner series ViewPix®

Acquisition of samples in reflectance and transmittance mode
as colour or greyscale image
Doptimally suitable for blots, TLC, gels, films
• Eminently suitable for wet gels
• Direct, method-based control of ViewPix® scanners via biostep® software
• Creation/storage of acquisition methods
• Colour channel separation: red, green, blue, white,freely definable
• Automatic and manual image optimisation
• Calibration with greyscale wedge incl. calibration report
• Creation/administration of several greyscale calibrations
• Archiving of all acquisition and calibration parameters to each sample image in an internal database
(only ViewPix®900/1300)
DGLP-/GMP- and 21CFRpart11-compliant

Technical data ViewPix®
Max. scan size: transmittance: 19.7 x 23.7 cm
reflectance: 20.9 x 28.5 cm
Max. resolution in dpi: 2,400 dpi (optic)
in µm: 10.58 µm (optic)
Spectral range: 430 – 745 nm
Max. dynamic range: 65,536 greyscales (16 Bit)
281.5 E12 colours (48 Bit)
Max. optical density: 3.8 OD