HPLC AS-700 INSIGHT Autosampler Eicom

+ Robust mechanism for greater reliabilityas-700 InsIgHt
+ Fits two standard microtiter plates
+ Zero sample loss injection methods
+ Efficient cooling without condensation issues

Autosamplers increase the precision of HPLC data and easily handle
OPA derivatization methods. Why not let the reliable INSIGHT
autosampler inject your samples while you focus on more important
things? Your time is valuable.

Great Choice for small samples
Many scientists are forced to deal with limited sample volumes. When faced with this dilemma, the question is always how much of the sample
can I get injected.  With Eicom’s INSIGHT autosampler just 10 µL out of 12, or even 11µL, can be injected without wasting any sample during the injection process. In many small volume injection methods, the sample volume is loaded into the sample loop between two segments of wash fluid. Once injected, the wash fluid complicates the solvent front which decreases the sensitivity for early eluting compounds. The Eicom Microliter Pick-up (EMP) injection method avoids this problem by only injecting sample and mobile phase.


  • Sample Capacity 2 standard microtiter plates, 12 wells to 384 wells
  • Cooling 4°C to room temperature by convection across Peltier cooler
  • Special Features Integrated 200 mL wash bottle, plate/vial detection, head pressure
  • Syringe 500 µL (standard)
  • Sample Loop 100 µL (standard)
  • Wetted Surfaces FEP (tubing), passivated stainless steel (needle), PEEK (injection valve)

Instrument Control

  • Software Powerchrom (standard), Clarity, EZ Chrom, others
  • Communication Serial RS232C (USB with adaptor)
  • I/O Signals Programmable relay outputs and TTL inputs


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