UV-M90 Double Beam Spectophotometer -BEL

Spectophotometer UV-M90_spectrophotometer_nov13The UV-M90 double beam spectrophotometer is equipped with a high-grade blazed holographic grating
monocromator that ensures accuracy and stability. The high quality deuterium and tungsten lamps enhance the
precision across the UV-Visible spectrum, starting from 190nm up to nearInfrared range 1100nm.
The Deuterium and Tungsten lamp can be switched off to save lifetime, while not in use.
The large display, a nice and compact design make UV-M90 a complete instrument for research and laboratory
The included Software UV-Analyst  expands the applications to: Photometry, Quantitative analysis, Wavelenght
scanning, Standard curve, Kinetics, Multi-wavelenght analysis, Concentration and also Spectrum processing like
spectrum addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, Spectrum derivative and compare. Finally also DNA/protein
Included in the box: software, quartz cuvettes, manuals, usb cable and dongle.

Technical Specifications:

+ Model UV-M90
+ Optical system Littrow type, double beam, high grade blazed holographic Grating, 1200 lines/mm
+ Wavelength Range 190-1100nm
+ Spectral Bandwidth 1nm
+ Wavelength Accuracy ±0.3nm
+ Wavelength Repeatability 0.2nm
+ Photometric Accuracy ±0.3%T
+ Photometric Repeatability 0.2%T
+ Photometric mode Absorbance, Transmittance, Concentration
+ Photometric Range - 4 ~ 4A,  0 ~ -200%T,  0 ~ 9999C
+ Stability ± 0.0004A/h @ 500nm
+ Baseline Flatness ± 0.001A/h
+ Noise  ± 0.0004A/h
+ Stray Light ≤0.05%T @ 220nm,360nm
+ Data Output Port USB
+ Printer Port Parallel Port
+ Display 320*240 Dots LCD
+ Lamps Deuterium Lamp & Tungsten Lamp
+ Specifications AC 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz
625L×430L×206H (mm)
29kg net weight