Alcohol Measurement – Alcolyzer Spirits M/ME – Anton Paar

Alcohol MeasurementAlcolyzer Spirits M/ME – Anton Paar -Analyze spirits efficiently and economically in the laboratory and at the production line using the alcohol analysis system Alcolyzer Spirits M/ME. Alcolyzer Spirits M/ME determines the alcohol content (35 to 65 %vol), color, and pH value of alcoholic beverages. In combination with a density meter, the system additionally determines the total extract of the sample.

Available methods
Whisky For spirits with an extract content up to 5 g/L
(e.g. whisky, vodka, gin, tequila and rum)
Cognac For spirits with an extract content up to 20 g/L (e.g. cognac and brandy)
Measuring range
Alcohol 35 to 65 %vol
(data can be displayed from 0 to 90 %vol)
pH value (optional) 0 to 14
Color (optional) 0 to 120 EBC
Density (optional) 0 to 3 g/cm3
Turbidity(optional) 0 to 100 EBC
Repeatability – standard deviation
Manual filling 0.03 %vol
Automatic filling 0.01 %vol
pH value (optional) 0.02
Color (optional) 0.1 EBC
Density (optional) 0.00001 g/cm3 (DMA 4500) or
0.000001 g/cm3 (DMA 5000)
Turbidity(optional) 0.02 EBC
Additional information
Interfaces (Master instrument) 4x USB (for USB flash drive, keyboard, mouse, barcode reader or printer), Ethernet (LAN), RS-232, CAN
Interfaces (Module) CAN
Lab system Production system
Sample volume 30 mL per measurement 30 mL per measurement
Typical measuring
duration per sample
4 minutes (incl. filling) 3 minutes (incl. filling)
Sample throughput 15 samples per hour 20 samples per hour