Anton Paar – Density and Sound Velocity Meter DSA 5000 M

Anton Paar - Density and Sound Velocity Meter DSA 5000 MAnton Paar – Density and Sound Velocity Meter DSA 5000 M – The DSA 5000 M density and sound velocity meter combines the world’s most accurate density measurement, highly accurate sound velocity measurement and a state-of-the-art user interface. It determines the density and sound velocity of your sample in one cycle and at the same sample conditions. This unique measuring combination even reduces the error margin for concentration measurement of binary mixtures and is frequently used in industrial chemical laboratories and in research. Other applications include quality control in production processes, preparing process solutions and determining the concentration of ternary solutions.

Double analysis gives you more information

  • Automatic determination of density and sound velocity, determination of the concentration of sulfuric acid and oleum, concentration of three-component samples and the adiabatic compressibility
  • Simultaneous, automatic filling and cleaning of both measuring cells
  • Accurate and fast results with a small sample volumeAnton Paar - Density and Sound Velocity Meter DSA 5000 M
  • Automatic viscosity correction across the samples’ entire viscosity range
  • Permanent display of density and sound velocity as well as all calculated properties

Determine the concentration of sulfuric acid and oleum

  • Rapid measurement in the concentration range from 0 to 114 % H2SO4
  • Neither sample preparation nor addition of reagents is required


  • Detects filling errors and gas bubbles within the sample and generates a filling warning


  • Displays and stores live images of the oscillating U-tube sensor and the entire filled-in sample
  • Later review of these stored images guarantees completely transparent measurement processes


  • Eliminates measurement drifts caused by temperature stress due to temperature changes or sample temperatures greatly different from the measuring temperature
  • Only one adjustment at one temperature required
  • Patented reference oscillator (AT399051)



Measuring range
Density 0 to 3 g/cm3
Sound velocity 1000 to 2000 m/s
Temperature 0 to 70 °C (32 to 158 °F)
Pressure 0 to 3 bar
Density 0.000005 g/cm3
Sound velocity 0.5 m/s
Concentration determination
Typically 0.01 to 0.1 % (application-dependent)
Repeatability s.d.
Density 0.000001 g/cm3
Sound velocity 0.1 m/s
Temperature 0.001 °C
0 to 100 % H2SO4 0.02 % H2SO4
0 to 28 % free SO3 0.04 % free SO3
28 to 65 % free SO3 0.1 % free SO3
Additional information
Integrated tables and functions
  • Ethanol tables
  • Extract/sugar tables
  • Acid/base tables
  • 20 freely programmable user functions
Amount of sample in the measuring cells 3 mL
Measuring time per sample 1 to 4 minutes
Interfaces 2 x S-BUS, RS-232, 4 x USB, CAN, VGA, Ethernet
Display Graphical, bright colored 6.5 inches TFT touch screen (640 x 480 px) with customizable display layout
Wetted parts PTFE, borosilicate glass, stainless steel DIN 1.4539/UNS N08904
Dimensions 482 x 340 x 231 mm
(19 x 13.4 x 9.1 inches)
Weight 22.5 kg (49.6 lbs)


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