Bio-decontamination solutions (HPV) – BIOQUELL ® Clarus ® C

 bio-decontamination solutionLow temperature, highly versatile HPV bio-decontamination system

•Hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) decontamination technology, capable of 6-log sporicidal reduction
• High capacity fixed, mobile or semi-permanent configuration for enclosures and rooms up to 350m
• Fast, validatable bio-decontamination cycles
• Excellent material compatibility including sensitive electronics

BIOQUELL Clarus – C hydrogen peroxide vapour generator

C hydrogen peroxide vapour generator is an advanced solution for low temperature, residue free bio-decontamination. Clarus units have been installed worldwide giving reliable, continuous bio-decontamination of pharmaceutical isolators, clean rooms,
pass-through devices and many other applications.

•     Multi-purpose generator capable of bio-decontaminating equipment (e.g. isolators, RABS, transfer chambers) or multi-room facilities
•     Fully compliant with the requirements of GMP
•     BIOQUELL dual circuit technology for fast and efficientbio-decontamination cycles
•     Capable of storing multiple gas cycle parameters for multiple applications
•     Remote operation available and connection to building management system (BMS) capability
•     No requirement for room dehumidification prior to cycles

BIOQUELL HPV_003_10_Clarus Chydrogen peroxide solution
• BIOQUELL hydrogen peroxide is specified
and approved for use with BIOQUELL
HPV generators
•     Approved for use as a biocide by regulatory
bodies (BPD, EPA)
•     Selected for optimal biocidal effectiveness


Semi-permanent configuration:


• For room bio-decontamination without the need to
enter the affected area
• Ideal for locations which require bio-decontamination or
emergency bio-decontamination after a bio-spillage
• A single HPV generator can be used to
bio-decontaminate multiple discrete areas
• HPV introduced, recirculated and monitored via
proprietory gassing interface plate



Mobile configuration
Screenshot_1• For infrequent or periodic bio-decontamination
• No need for modification of room/facility
• Operated via a remote control panel located
outside of the area to be bio-decontaminated
• Mobile aeration/distribution system for enhanced
distribution and faster cycle times




003_10_Clarus C_004