Company Profile

Bridging state-of-the-art laboratory products to the scientific community is our aim and providing service excellence is our goal. We see the scientific community as our partner in promoting scientific and technological advancement for a better world and better quality of life for all.

Our Vision
Towards a Greener Earth and Better Quality of Life through the promotion of Science and Technology.
Our Mission statement
To support the scientific community by providing cutting-edge technologies, turnkey solutions and service excellence for the advancement of science and a better world.
  • Our customers

    • Pharmaceutical and biotech companies
    • Hospitals and laboratories
    • Universities
    • Research institutions
    • Government agencies
    • Environmental and industrial quality & process control settings
  • comp_profile_4One-stop total solutions

    We also provide one-stop total solutions for customized design-and-build laboratory services, turnkey projects and hospital Operating Theater / Critical Care infrastructure build and design.

Scope of Business

We are the distributor of a number of unrivalled global brands, representing their equipment & instruments for

    • Technical and Teaching Equipment
    • Educational Aids
    • Material Research
    • Government agencies
    • Chemistry and Physics
    • Environmental
    • Food and Chemical
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Petroleum and Petrochemical
    • Genomic and Proteomic
    • Bio-Processing
    • Bio-Containment
    • Animal Science
    • Food Safety and Microbiology
    • Drug Discovery
    • Medical and Clinical
    • Disposable Labware
    • Hospital Infrastructure (OT/ICU/Critical Care)
    • Medical Technology