Freezers – New Brunswick ™Innova Series ®

Innova_U101 Innova_C585

More capacity. Same freezer footprint.

When it comes to maximizing sample storage capacity,Innova_U360
Innova freezers set the standard. They use advanced
vacuum insulation panel technology to reduce freezer wall thickness. This provides up to 30 % more storage capacity than traditionally-insulated freezers without increasing the external dimensions.
Upright Innova models have three separate interior
compartments with gasketed, insulated doors forInnova_U535
exceptional sample protection.Innova_U725
Six models are off ered, including two unique models:
> Ultra-slim Innova Upright Model U360 is just 67 cm
wide, with handle, designed to fi t in labs tight on space!
It features our advanced new controller with extra-large
display, data logging and graphing capability
> For ultimate space savings, convenience, and security,
upright Model U101 (shown below) fi ts under the bench, or can be stacked two highNBS