GH Series – Analytical Balance

GH Series - Analytical Balance

Analytical Balance Capacity : 250 ~ 120 g / Resolution : 0.1 ~0.01 mg.

Features :

 Motor-driven Internal Calibration
 Automatic Self Calibration
 One Touch Calibration
 Standard RS-232C
 Option USB interface – driver installation not necessary
 Multiple Weighing Units
 Data Memory Function – Store up to 200 measurements
 GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO Compliance
 ID Number
 Time & Date
 Interval Time Setting
 Standard Under hook
 A free copy of WinCT-A&D’s powerful and flexible data collection software tool for virtually
 standard WinCT Software
 Standard Under hook


GH-02:USB Interface with a cable
GH-08:Ethernet Interface with WinCT-Plus software


AD-1653 Density Determination Kit
AD-1683 Static Eliminator
AD-8121B Multifunction Printer
AD-8922 External Controller
AD-8118C Universal Printer


Model Capacity Resolution Pan Size O
GH-252 250g / 101g 0.1 / 0.01mg             90mm
GH-202 220g / 51g 0.1 / 0.01mg
GH-300 320g 0.1mg
GH-200 220g 0.1mg
GH-120 120g 0.1mg