HPlC-eCD system Eicom

HPlC-eCD system+ Maximum flexibility ›
+ Multiple pumps and detectors ›
+ Dual electrode ›
+ Pulse-free pump ›

HPlC Expandability is the keyword for the 700 Series. Extra pumps and detectors can be added as necessary. The standard configuration includes the ECD-700 detector equipped with one amperometric cell, the EP-700 pump unit with one microflow pump installed, and the ATC-700 temperature control unit. The pump unit also has a two channel solvent degasser built in.

eP-700 Pump unit With Pulse-Free mode
+ Pulse quenching by computer control
+ No pulse damper necessary ›
+ Two channel degasser included
+ Gradient control built in
Revolutionary pump design effectively quenches flow pulses. Cumbersome pulse damper units are no longer a necessity. The adaptive algorithm minimizes pressure fluctuations by continually adjusting the piston velocity. Each EP-700 unit holds up to two pumps, and there are two types to choose from, high flow or micro flow. The standard EP-700 unit comes with one microflow pump installed.

No More Pulse Dampers Means
+ smaller volume between column and pump
+ rapid pressure response after starting the pump
+ more accurate gradients

+ Pressure Limit 20 MPa
+ Micro Flow Pump 100-500 µL/min, 1 µL increment, 4 µL/stroke
+ High Flow Pump 0.5-3.0 mL/min, 0.01 mL increments, 32 µL/stroke
+ Wetted Surfaces PEEK, Sapphire, Ruby, PCTFE
+ Special Features Gradient control built in, input signal for start/stop
+ Built-in Degasser 2 channels: 300 µL volume/ea, up to 3.0 mL/min

atC-700 temperature Controller
Temperature control provides the most stable retention times and
detector signals. The ATC-700 performs this function even at room
temperature due to its ability to both heat and cool.
+ Temperature Range 15-55°C, 1°C increments,20-45°C (recommended range)
+ Temperature Accuracy +/- 0.05°C

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