Laboratory Pump – LABTOP 300/350


Laboratory Pump - LABTOp®Integrated Pump System

is a “plug in the wall” ready to use pump unit for small to medium size capacity applications. At it’s heart, the UNIBLOC®-PDrotary lobe pump is manufactured from the highest quality
stainless steel material, eliminating quality issuesas ferrules are machined as part of the housing; no welds. The pump is driven by an electric motor with an integrated speed controller that allows the operator to manipulate the unit through various functions using the Nema 4X (IP65) keypad or in an automatic mode.

All pump component materials are FDA approved and/or carry the optional USP(lass VIclassification. Optional Hastelloy and AL6XN available.

Features :

• Maintain high flow up to 60 psig
• Handles shear sensitive products very well
• Light weight and small dimension
• Can run dry for short period of time
• No rubber hosesthat can rupture
• No shredding of rubber from inside hose
• LABTOp®operates equally well in both directions
• Includes extensive document package for each pump


• Small UF,MF feed applications
• Chromatography feed
• Accurate metering of liquids
• Buffer solution transfer
• Small scale manufacturing

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