Moisture Balance I-THERMO 163M – Bel Engineering

I thermo 163m
Moisture Balances – A double case structure shields the heart of the balance from the oven heat.  Two latest generation microprocessors manage all functions and parameters of the instrument.

The i-Thermo 163 is a proven workhorse for moisture determination in raw and finished food and feed, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, ceramics, construction materials and more.

The many on-board functions, ability to calibrate temperature, a backlit LCD display and RS232 interface ensure a complete and reliable instrument.





- LCD backlit display with adjustable contrast
- Double case construction
- RS232 serial interface
- Halogen infrared lamp
- Time operating mode: 1-99 minutes
- Auto-stop operating mode
- 5 drying programs may be stored
- Temperature range: 35-160°C / 1°C
- Drying resolution 0.01%
- Printout of weights and drying results
- 10 test pans included
- Plastic protection cover
Dimensions: 345x215x240h (mm)
Weight: 5kg (163M); 4.8Kg (163L)
Power supply 110-230Vac 50/60Hz; out 9V 1.2A 10VA
- Calibration weight
- Serial printer TLP-50 with date/time
- PC connection cable
- Thermometer calibration kit