OPTIZEN α ( alpha ) – UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

Optizen Alpha - UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

  • Smart User Interface: Wifi/bluetooth, google cloud print,tablet PC approch, multi language support.
  • Qualified performance based on SMART architecture: Double beam optic system,8 position multi cell holder,free voltage system.
  • Emotional design
  • Photometric System:Double beam spectroscopy.
  • Spectral bandwidth:<1.0
  • Photometric: range-4.0~4.0ABS, accuracy +/-0.005(at 1.000)



Photometric System Double beam spectroscopy
Spectral Bandwidth(nm) < 1.0
range(nm) 190~1100px
accuracy(nm) <±0.5 (at D2 Peak 656.1nm, 486.0nm)
reproducibility(nm) <±0.1
setting(nm) 0.1
slew rate(nm/min) 7000
scanning speed(nm/min) Max 4,000nm/min
range(Abs) -4.0 ~ 4.0
accuracy(Abs) ±0.005 (at 1.000)
reproducibility(Abs) ±0.003 (at 1.000)
Baseline Stability(ABS/h) <±0.001 (at 550nm)
Baseline Flatness(ABS) <± 0.002 (200 ~ 1100pxnm)
Noise(ABS) 0.001
Light Source Tungsten-Halogen Lamp and Deuterium Lamp
Lamp ChangeWavelength(nm) 340~410 (Default 370), include Auto Position System
Monochromator Modified Czerny-Turner type with 1200lines/mm blazed grating
Standard Cell Holder Automatic Rotary type 8-position Multi-Cell Holder
Other Interface Wifi direct & Bluetooth
Detector Silicon Photodiode
Power Requirement Free Voltage
Dimension(mm) 450(W)x430(D)x100px(H)
Operating system Android
Weight 15kg