AW-BK901 Conventional Reflective Beam Detector

Product Safety

AW-BK901 Conventional Reflective Beam Detector
To prevent severe injury and loss of life or property, read the instruction carefully before installing the beam detector to ensure proper and safe operation of the system.

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Technical Specification

Part Number AW-BK901

Listed : LPCB Pending
Compliance : EN 54-12
Fire Detection and Alarm Systems : BS 5839 Part 1:2002

Operating Voltage : 20 V to 28 V DC
Current Parameters : Standby≤18mA Commission≤55mA Alarm≤33mA
Beam Sensor Sensitivity [via Encoder] :
-Level 1: 2.6 dB High Sensitivity
-Level 2: 3.4 dB Medium Sensitivity
-Level 3: 4.8 dB Low Sensitivity
Beam Pathway Length [via Encoder] :
-Span 1: 8 to 20 meters Short Path
-Span 2: 20 to 40 meters Short Path
-Span 3: 40 to 70 meters Normal Path
-Span 4: 70 to 100 meters Long Path
Beam Path Angle : ±0.5º Directional
Alignment Guide : Laser Beam Pointer
Digital Display Guide : Nixie Tube
LED Indicator Guide : Red: Fire ; Yellow: Fault ; Green: Alignment
Reset Time : Less than 2 Second
Relay Capacity [Fire & Fault] : Normally Open/ 2.0 A; 30 VDC

Material / Color : ABS / White
Dimension / Weight : L:190.87 x W:126.87 x H:91.96 mm / 440 gm
Weight : 0.130 Kg with base

Operating Temperature / Protection Rating : -10°C to 55°C / IP30 [IP66 glue seal]
Humidity : 0 to 95% Relative Humidity, Non condensation

Product Appearance


Principle of the Beam Detector
The AW-BK901 reflective optical beam smoke detector incorporates a light transmitter and the detector
on the same unit. The light path is created by reflecting light emitted from the transmitter off a retroreflector, meaning it is reflects light back to its source with a minimum of scattering, which is placed
opposite the detector.
In a fire, when smoke falls within the path of the beam detector, some of the light is absorbed or
scattered by the smoke particles. This creates a decrease in the received signal, leading to an increase
in optical obscuration. This unit decodes or analyzes received signals and compares to the preprogrammed algorithm stored on the processor. Through this algorithm the detector will decide whether
fire is defined or not and lead to enablement the corresponding relays and LED indicators. The unit on
the operating mode maintaining continually emitting light, care should be taken that the activities in the
space do not obstruct the beam or move the device to avoid false operation of the detector

For more Information contact :

Phone : 021 8800 154
WhatsApp : +62895-3323-62579 /

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