Bottom Magnetic Agitator CLB-20 SS316L

Stainless Steel 316L Magnetic Bottom Mixer/Magnetic Stirrer

  • Port : Guangzhou, China
  • Mixer Type : Agitator
  • Working : Diffusion Mixer
  • Stirring Type : Diving
  • Application : Liquid with Suspended Solids, Viscous Fluid, Liquid
  • Model NO. : CLB
  • Layout Type : Verticle
  • Mixing Drum Shape : Conical
  • Additional Capabilities :Milling
  • Operating type :Continuous Operating
  • Material : SS316(L)
  • Speed : 120r-1400rpm
  • Capacity : 20t/H
  • Function : Heating, Cooling and Mixing
  • Voltage : 220V-415V, 50/60Hz, 3phase
  • Power : 1.5-75kw
  • Finish : Mirror or Matt Polish
  • Installation : Bottom Tank
  • Usage : Chemical.Pharmaceutical, Bio, Food, Juice, etc

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Working Principle
The magnetic agitating is an application of a magnetic coupling.Because the repulsion between the different poles of the magnetic material ,we drive the magnetic agitator by continuous changing the polarity of the magn etic base.

The shaft of motor and reducer connect with the inner magnetic ring.The agitation shaft connected with the out magnetic ring.The out magnetic ring rotates with the inner magnetic ring, and make the agutation shaft rotate according,the inner ring and out ring are separated by a seal cover.The reactor cavity and the out environment are separated by the seal cover.So it is one of the most reliable No-leak design, and a necessities for no-leak reactors.

Technical Parameters

Model Motor(kw) Volume(L) Speed(r/min)
CLB-20 0.2kw – 0.4kw 50-200L 120-1400


  • Static dead sealing through welding isolative sleeve replace dynamic mechanical sealing, which can completely solve the leaking problem of mechanical sealing.
  • Simple structure, east to dismantle, easy to clean, no dead space.
  • mixing unit is installed on the bottom ,which can mix under few matter ,with unique mixing oars, and can be suitable to mix various mediums.

For more Information contact : [ 021 8800 154 ]

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