Pump Strong Acid Resistence

Horizontal fiberglass centrifugal pumps with mechanical seal

Caratteristiche – Features

Pompa Vitrum Line dirancang untuk mentransfer cairan korosif atau khusus dan beroperasi dalam kondisi yang keras. Bagian yang bersentuhan dengan cairan terbuat dari resin bertulang fiberglass, yang dirancang khusus untuk menahan abrasi dan pada suhu dari -45 ° C (-50 ° F) sampai 120 ° C (250 ° F). Pompa sentrifugal horisontal dengan gabungan CFG adalah standar ANSI / ASME B73.1 dan inovasi dan perbaikan saat ini yang membuat mereka kompetitif di pasar.


Main components

1 Pump body entirely made of FRP. The high thicknesses guarantee excellent resistance
mechanics without using a reinforcing metal reinforcement.

2 Centrifugal impeller in version
semi-open with a secure central metallic insert and axial self-balancing guaranteed by rear counter-blades.
3 Shirt in FRP. It completely covers the steel shaft and is made in one piece. Wheel integral with the impeller but it is independent.
4 Standardized mechanical seal. Different types are used depending on the pumped liquids, temperatures and working hours supported by the machine.
5 Single row radial ball bearing.
6 Balanced shaft in 42CrMo4 carbon steel (on request also in special alloys), structured for
easily bring torsional and radial forces. Obtained completely from solid bar by mechanical processing and protected by a FRP shirt.
7 Double-row angular contact ball bearing suitable for resisting radial and axial forces generated by the liquid during operation.
8 Bearing support made of a single cast of G25 cast iron.

Bahan konstruksi

Bahan konstruksi tersedia untuk berbagai macam cairan korosif. Affetti memiliki fleksibilitas dalam pemilihan bahan untuk cairan korosif dan abrasif.

FRP-VEA resina vinilestere Cairan abrasi
FRP-VEC resina vinilestere pemutih
FRP-VEF resina vinilestere fluor
FRP-EPX resina epossidica Bahan kimia dan pelarut kuat


  • Drainage of the body
  • Residual collection tank
  • Pressurized barrel for seal fluxing
  • Priming barrel
  • Dry running protector
pompa asam 1
A docking system composed by an internal impeller nut (D) threated or with a nut drowned (C), a counter-nut (B) and a washer (A), avoid the impeller screwing from the shaft in case of reversal sense of rotation during the start.
pompa asam 2
The shaft sleeve (C) separation from the impeller (B) allows its replacement in damage case, without removing the impeller, for a saving spare parts costs. The elastomer cap (B) improves the drag of rotating parts.
pompa asam 3
CFG pumps provide an axial shaft adjustment system, in order to permit the impeller approaching to the casing in case of partial blades consumption and to restore the initial pump performance without changing the internal parts. The system is composed by a threaded ring nut (A), fixing screws (B) and adjustment screws (C).
pompa asam 4
CFG pumps base provide a system for pump-motor regulation without using additional thicknesses. The system is composed by a support plate (A),adjusting nut (B) and two counter-nuts (C).
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