Determination of mixing ratios, qualityand quantity inspection in the following industries:Pulp and paper industries, Beverage industry, Food industry, Sugar and sweetener industry, Textiles industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Chemical industry, Petrochemical industry,Metalworking industry, Wastewater management
Digital Refractometer

  • An intuitive touchscreen presents a clear overview of all data and functions and the integrated SQL database stores all data and allows external access via a network
    or standalone PC.
  • Measurement modes Single, Interval
  • Working  Voltage 90 – 260 V~, 50/60 Hz, 60 W.
  • Preset standard scales: Refractive Index [nD], %Brix(saccerose, inverted sugar, glucose, fructose).Temperature corrected [nD],temperature corrected [%Brix].User defined scales can be initialized.
  • manufacturer´s 4-point-calibration,user defined 1-point-calibrationwith any substance possible