BD-50E Heavy Duty Genderator

BD-50E Heavy duty generator, Heavy duty spake tester

Made in : Chicago USA.

Brand : ETP, Model BD 50E, 230 V, 50/60 Hz with 1210 Electrode Tip.

Include : Calibration Certificate, Carrying Case.

For more Information contact : [ 021 8800 154 ]

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Model Introduction:

It generates a spark at a high voltage and frequency, used to detect pinholes and vacuum leaks. Designed for heavy duty use, with a metal power control unit source which separates the input circuits from the high voltage coil in the handle, providing cooler operation, for longer intervals of use It  The control circuit is electronic which also affords more precise voltage control.  This lends itself to calibration when the application calls for it.

Key Features and Operating Characteristics:

It has a 7-position high voltage control switch, which is part of an electronic circuit, making its output more precise and repeatable.   The circuitry is fused with ON/OFF switch, and isolating transformer for added safety protection.  The metal control unit has a carrying handle and non-skid rubber feet. The High Voltage Probe is made of durable plastic, with a 6 ft. cord.  A certificate of calibration is optional, furnished upon request.

Output voltage is adjustable from 20,000 to 50,000 in 11 steps. The output frequency is 500 kHz.  The output current is approximate 0. 1 mA maximum.  Separate models operate from either 115 or 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Overall dimensions: 7×5.5×6.5 in. with 11×2.5 in the handle.  Weight: 9 lbs.

Key Applications and Accessories:

Can detect pinholes in linings, vacuum checking and related applications, including:

  • plastic, glass, or rubber linings, ¼ to 1 in. thick, on metal tanks
  • the integrity of welds in plastic tanks
  • vacuum checking of neon signs, lamp bulbs, pharmaceutical vials, double pane glass windows
  • electro-static discharge testing
  • lamp bulb and plasma ignition

The 12701 Peak Voltage Calibrator accessory permits accurate measurement of the output of the Model BD-50E.

For more Information contact : [ 021 8800 154 ]

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