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Indoor Air Quality is becoming more prominent and recognized throughout many different industries. It has become essential to be able to accurately monitor low levels of carcinogenic formaldehyde gas. The Formaldemeter htV-m offers precise 3-parameter monitoring for low levels of formaldehyde vapours under extremes of temperature and humidity including these impressive features:

  • A built in non-volatile memory that can be upgraded.
  • Capable of up to one month of continuous monitoring.
  • A real time clock.
  • Built in alarm sounder.
  • Mains or battery powered.
  • Can be used as a manual hand held and a continuous monitoring data logger.
  • USB interface allowing direct connection to a PC for downloading of data.
  • Supplied with the htV-m Download Software.

The htV-m can precisely measure formaldehyde concentrations in parts per million (ppm) and mg/m3 over a wide range of temperature and humidity. Fast and easy to use, pressing a single button gives an immediate indication of concentration levels.

The Formaldemeter htV-m is reliable and simple to calibrate. The compact size means the htV-m is small enough to be used as a hand held device. The built in memory and real time clock enables the htV-m to log all 3 parameters and corresponding times, allowing improved monitoring and analysis opportunities.

Alternatively the htV-m can be used as a continuous monitor; a PC can automate the sampling and log data at specific times by a direct or wireless connection. This is advantageous as it allows the user more freedom and is a cost effective approach to taking such measurements.

Formaldemeter htV-m
Formaldehyde Standart Calibration
USB Cable
Pack of phenol filters (10)
Digital copy of manual
User Quick Guide
Universal 12V power supply
Certificate of calibration and compliance
htV-m Download Software

Price Rp.49.000.000 (whatsapp untuk penawaran resmi)

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